We are obsessively passionate about helping our clients realise the celebration of their dreams by providing an honest and thoughtful approach to every event. 

We provide creative guidance and direction paired with flawless execution and planning to ensure a cohesive celebration that is authentically unique as each client.

Weaving together only the best in the industry, combined with a huge pinch of love and imagination, we aim to deliver beautiful celebrations that are worthy of sharing with loved ones and are unforgettable

Our true joy is spreading more love and beauty into this amazing life. Life’s peachy. Let’s celebrate!


Creative Director

A Peachy Affair was launched in June 2018.

The switch from a successful Banking & Finance Career ( spanning over ten years ) into the 

colourful and vibrant Wedding & Events Industry was the exact calling Jackie was longing for.
Combining her skills in Graphics design, Floristry, Budget, and project management, she injects her artistic flair and passion into every event. Providing honest guidance to her clients to achieve an impeccable style to their celebration.

Believing that no two events should ever be celebrated the same, Jackie meticulously 

takes time to unpack and design a unique event for her clients.




Mr. Peachy

Having over 15 years of experience in the building and construction industry, Ian's eye for detail and perfect finishes makes him the secret weapon for A Peachy Affairs' success. Although he is the 'man behind the scenes', Ian's qualification in carpentry is often found in many of the designs, and he delights in seeing the finished look for every event.  Going above and beyond for our clients, Ian also designs and creates custom props to realize our clients' dreams.


Our dedicated  Peachy crew goes above and beyond to ensure every detail is intentional; nothing is overlooked.
And they are packing a punch wherever they go.
Although they are always the first to arrive and the last to leave, the Peachy Crew radiate with enthusiasm and passion for seeing our clients happy.